Why nextcloud talk looks different on the website than the reality

The image on the https://nextcloud.com/ about nextcloud talk looks different than the actual mobile app. Why?


It looks like the app to me. Can you be more specific?

Maybe the iOS and android apps are looking different?

on the front page the messages are on the left and right sides depends who sent them (recieved ones are on the left side meanwhile the snt ones are on the right). Look at www.nextcloud.com meanwhile on the mobile app and the web app everything is left alligned.

I can’t say anything about the iOS app, but on my Android phone the app looks exactly like the screenshot on nextcloud.com. Incoming messages appear on the left side and outgoing messages on the right.

EDIT: According to the screenshots in the Apple App Store, the iOS app does indeed seem to be designed differently, and yes, the messages are also left-aligned in the WebApp. Why they decided to it it differnetly on the Android app, I don’t know.

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