Why Moderator closed topic

I have never posted about this topic, but this response from the mod prompted me to. This is censorship. You don’t like the fact that people won’t shut up, so you shut down the conversation. Welcome to 2023.

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This discussion already exists on the other thread, hence it can continue there. It was linked previously. Nextcloud server major upgrades, is it worth it?

The volunteer mod staff are not interested in rant threads. They always devolve away from anypractical discussion as attacks and name calling.


While it is correct that the other thread that you just reposted is still open (and this is a good thing), if you read what the moderator commented, it is very clear that the purpose of what the moderator posted was to stop the conversation, not to redirect it to a central thread where it can continue. The fact that this conversation was closed before it could ‘devolve away from anypractical discussion as attacks and name calling’ just makes it preemptive censorship.

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Here are the guidelines for the forum.

This not a situation where we are customers who paid for services, nor are we in a position to dictate the project roadmap. ← this is the primary thing being ignored in the previous topic.

And, that post you linked says to look up other pre-existing threads already open on the topic (rather than restarting the same conversations, without the earlier context and answers from previous discussions).

You are welcome to feel how you want, but these conversations will not progress without constructive suggestions and reasoned points, which actually drive discussion and might even help improve things. Or, we go back in circles until someone connects back with the earlier discussions. It is possible to successfully have these discussion without a rant, which is why rants are quickly closed.


This not a situation where you we are customers who paid for services, nor are we in a position to dictate the project roadmap. ← this is the primary thing being ignored in the previous topic.

Yes, but nobody was trying to dictate anything. They were voicing dissatisfaction, but it’s not the same thing. Everybody was being polite and civilized. I see a number of constructive suggestions in the thread. It was shut down anyway, because, as you say, there are already multiple thread on this topic elsewhere. That’s why you need to remind these people that they’re not paying customers. Ok.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Nextcloud server major upgrades, is it worth it?

What exactly is a Mod here for?
Right, to keep the forum as tidy as possible.

And this is exactly what I am trying to do.

As there already are

and some more…

so we don’t really need another thread with the same arguments. It’s as simple as that.

and closing one thread doesn’t mean it’s censorship (let me tell you that your understanding of cencorship is wrong… only a country aka a governement can enforce real cencorship, in the meaning of the word itself. a private company can’t).

Though we do have the right here to silence users as well as stop ping threads we think are inappropriate or double existing ones or or or…

by the amount of still open threads about the release-cycle of NC you see that there is no whatsoever called “censorship”.

And again: I just want to keep the forum as sane and clean as possible in a sane amount of time.

To exactly keep this forum as clean I am (auto)closing this thread 24hrs after my answer. Though it will stay visible for everyone.

Thanks for your understanding.


Use the newer existing topics to contribute, and use the older ones (e.g. the 5 year old) for background only since some parts might be outdated. In the referred topic, it was politely pointed out that the topic wasn’t new.

I think that is a good way to interact without completely silencing users, so they can still answer and say why there issue matters or is different to the other references and a dedicated topic is justified (90% it is, but sometime we mods are also wrong).

We have so many repetitive topics, we need to consolidate a bit so that discussions don’t diverge too much. And we try to lead discussions in a way to improve things and to be constructive.

We don’t want to censor, there is a lot of criticism here and we need it to improve Nextcloud. Well, if it goes to out of hand just ranting or starting to insult people, we have to interact.


A post was merged into an existing topic: Nextcloud server major upgrades, is it worth it?

I think it’s worth pointing out that I’m not a member of the frustrated users faction. Quite the opposite, actually. I love Nextcloud, and it has been very easy for me to learn strategies to deal with the minor incompatibilities and bugs that pop up here and there in connection with updates and releases.

I just feel like other users aren’t as fortunate in this regard and are much more frustrated. It seems like wherever I look - whether it’s Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, this forum, or whatever - people are unhappy about things that they blame on the release cycle. That can’t possibly be a good thing. :-/

I’d also like to point out that what we are discussing is moderation itself


  1. The act of moderating or restraining; the process of tempering, lessening, or mitigating.
  2. The state or quality of being moderate or keeping a due mean between opposite extremes; freedom from excess; temperance; due restraint.
  3. Habitual slowness of thought, speech, or action; great deliberation.

This whole reply could be merged into the other thread on release cadence, which I would like to do. I think it belongs there as opposed to here. :heart:

The title of the thread is Stop making new versions. It goes on from there as a rant, rather than threading back into earlier discussions.

I would like to change the title of this thread to be “Why Moderator closed topic”. Please be understanding in this regard. It does seem questions have been answered.


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