Why is there a "Delete"-option on a read-only download page (share link)?

Hey there,

I’m new to Nextcloud, so maybe I’m simply overlooking something. I’ve just been checking out the download page that you get when e.g. sharing a folder via link (as read-only).

When you select files with the checkmarks, it displays the number of files and an “Actions”-menu on top of the list. But this actions-menu shows operations that aren’t actually available in read-only, such as “Move or copy” and “Delete”. Selecting one of these options only results in an error message (as you’d hope/expect :D), but I think they shouldn’t be here in the first place, right? Why show users options they don’t actually have? As far as I understand it, there should only be one option: “Download”. But then there’s really no point in requiring that extra click to open the actions-menu just to get to this single option. Instead, it’d probably be a lot more user-friendly in this case if the menu was simply replaced with a single, direct “Download”-button.

Same is also true for the individual files/folders in the list: Currently, they all come with a “…”-menu. But when you click on this menu, you only get the “Download”-option anyway. So why require this extra click? I suppose from a programming standpoint, it’s easier to streamline with all the other instances of this sort of actions-menu where you actually do have several options to choose from. But from a users standpoint, it just seems a bit silly and unnecessary here. Maybe there could be some kind of overflow-function that recognizes if there’s only a single action available and then replaces the dropdown-menu with this single action-button? Or a customization option for the link owner that let’s you choose 1-3 shortcut actions to always display outside the overflow-menu? I don’t know, I’m just wondering if there isn’t some way to improve this part of the user experience.

But as I said, maybe there already is and I just haven’t found it yet? Please let me know!

All the best & have a nice weekend,