Why is the talk/spree welcome screen like this?

hi guys,

need help. just install fresh nextcloud.
after opening the dashboard TALK is showing like image attached.
sorry for the noob question. i tried to search but couldnt find anything like this.

DO i need to install anything?

That looks like the filler for those fields that sometimes appears for a split second or two before the real data loads.

Any errors in your Nextcloud log?
What version of Nextcloud and what installation method?
Please post the output of ./occ config:list system if you can as well.

the latest version. i used the setup-nextcloud.php script. and there are no error.

i waited for few mins. and still nothing load.

Check your browser console then. Something is causing that data to not load.

It’s not just Talk but also Calendar from the looks of it. Weird it’s just those two widgets and not all of them.

What happens if you browse to your Calendar or to Talk (in the header menu)?

./occ config:list system
-bash: ./occ: Permission denied