Why is the Install-Script for shared hosts and the Archiv for Server-Owners?

Hey guys,
im from germany, so sorry for my bad english :smiley:

I asking myself why the Install-Script ist for shared hosts and the downloadable Archiv for Server-Owners. Can you answer that? Is in the script something what doesnt work with a selfmade server?

If you mean the script from the VM it works on VPS or a bare metal server as well, there is no difference: https://github.com/nextcloud/vm#build-your-own-vm-or-install-on-a-vps.

I mean the script to download and install nextcloud on a Webspace. If you want to download from nextcloud, you have 2 options:

-> download the archiv (for server-owners)
-> download the Web-Installer" (for Webspaces)

My question is, why there are 2 different Ways to install? Is there some difficultys between Webspace and a “own” Server in the installingprocess?

Is “Webspace” a VPS with a clea Ubuntu 16.04 Server?

In that case;

3 --> Use the script in the VM and install Nextcloud.