Why is DASHBOARD so slow?

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i can see in my insector that even while being on other pages, the dashboard takes more thant 600ms in the loading process
and more than a second to load on the dashboard page

why is that? I’ve got 4 basic widgets on it

any recommandation

I use opcahe, fpm, apcu and redis

:v: thanks

Sorry no idea. But if you not really need dashboard you can start directly wie Nextcloud Files:


  'defaultapp' => 'files',

Solution for your problem:
You can use the developer functions of your browser (F12 in Firefox) and then network analysis. Maybe you find the time with the delay. Post some screenshots.

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thanks that would be an option to disable it

as i’m writing up there, even on another page, the inspector shows a long activity of dashboard …
plus it shows many errors in the page
i’ll dig that …

Post some screenshots from the inspector.

i went through a hard time with the server provider AND the panel . .
i finally have restored my backups

see on first pic, it takes a long time to load the panel

see the second pic, here while i’m logging the ‘Files’ page

I’m new with nextcloud and servers ^^ so far i’ was just managing my hosting and websites (drupal, wordpress)

i’ve followed many tutorials, threads to get to this point, where i’ve got a VPS (4cores 8gigs), with ubuntu 22.04, Php 8.1 hestia panel up-to-date, Nextcloud 24.0.3, memcache and redis server which don’t seem to be well configured yet . .

here is the situation
would you like to give me an opinion?