Why is Calendar only sync'ing on one direction?

I’m having a sync problem with Calendar and Android. When I create an event on my Android, I can sync it to Nextcloud, but when I create the event in Nextcloud it won’t sync to the Android. Just seems weird that it works one way but not the other, you know?

What App are you using to synchronize the calendar? If you are using DAvX5 you have to consider, that the sync “nextcloud” -> “Android” have some delay.

I am using DAVx5; I didn’t know there was another option. DAVx5 says it syncs every 240 minutes and immediately when making a local change. I’ve waited a good solid twelve hours. Is that long enough?

You can force a manual sync in DAVx5. There is no need to wait several hours :wink:

When I do force a manual sync it doesn’t add anything to the Nextcloud calendar. I just added an appointment and manually sync’ed with no effect.

In this case I recommend to check the DAVx5 FAQ for any related issues. If you cannot find one, you should open a support ticket in the DAVx5 forum.