Why have you disabled the choice ... in Updater 21.0.3?

Why have you disabled the choice in the Web Updater to keep maintenance mode to make the occ upgrade command in the command shell instead of webui?

After using the Web Updater 21.0.2 to 21.0.3 i only get one button that says “…continue with web updater …”

It was better before i think, that you let the users the choice to do so or to use the command line upgrade process. OK don’t misunderstood, it still works with the command shell but the message suggest that the only way to continue upgrading is via Web Updater, that is in my opinion not a good change in 21.0.3 …

Please think over this behaviour and please come back to the old choice, thanks.

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I strongly support this motion.

CLI upgrade provides better overview and control to the admin in charge. The long chain of issues found in NC upgrades would have caused much more trouble if CLI would have been not available in the past.

Happy hacking.

The reason is probably to prevent mouse clicking admins from leaving maintenance mode active and getting themselves stuck in a situation that requires interaction with CLI.

If you want to do the upgrade from CLI, you are best off beginning with the CLI;

to prevent mouse clicking admins from leaving maintenance mode active

It should be active until every nescessary step of an upgrade is finished successfully. There are many steps that should follow the Updater and for those actions the maintenance mode must resist active in my opinion.



The hint for “mouse clicking admins” should more lead into this than ending maintenance mode much too early. That suggest erroneous security.

Uh no, definitely not. Those db:whatever commands are not typically needed. The best way to ensure broken nextcloud installs is to give the option for people who are incapable of comprehending the commandline to have to use the commandline.

If you run a GUI update process, the entire thing should be completed through the GUI.
If you want advanced control, the update should be started and finished all through commandline. There is no justification to make it easy to screw things up in the middle of the process.

Exactly: Do not allow to keep maintenance mode active in web updater by MorrisJobke · Pull Request #362 · nextcloud/updater · GitHub

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