Why doesn't developers add opcache options in .htaccess? [unresolvable]

With the release of nextcloud 12 most of users saw advice of configuring opcache, this issue is very simple solved by adding in apache config:

<IfModule mod_php7.c>
	php_admin_flag opcache.enable_cli On
	php_admin_value opcache.interned_strings_buffer 8
	php_admin_value opcache.max_accelerated_files 10000
	php_admin_value opcache.memory_consumption 128
	php_value opcache.revalidate_freq 1

Why doesn’t any of developers just add this section to nextcloud included .htaccess?
Of course it’s not hard to edit apache config, but this is excess work for users to investigate php options and composing configs

Is it actually possible to do that with the .htaccess file?

That would also be great for shared hosts that allow .htaccess but obviously not editing of apache config files.

Oh, i’m sorry, found documentation to php that say admin flags cannot be modified in htaccess :frowning:
That was stupid idea, sorry

But it is possible to add the setting to the nextcloud vhost into directory directive and thus set them only for the nextcloud folder itself.
Does not solve the issue with shared hostings but could prevent possibly compatibility issues with other web services and you have settings closer together.