Why does the login image have to be identical to the background image in NC25?

Hey NC Team and users,

It seemed understandable to me that the admin can specify the image specifications for uniformity and recognition of the user group. The main difference, however, is that the menu bar with app and tool buttons or icons exists in the backend. With NC21 it was now at least possible to use an image in the backend that contrasts with the menu bar.

If I implement this for better clarity in the backend, this also applies inappropriately to the login screen. Unfortunately, this updated solution restricts customizing at the admin level. Could this be made available as an option again?


I have the same issue. I want to “Disable user theming”, have a solid background color, but a background image on the lock screen as it was in prior versions.


This is very annoying to be honest. I agree with both of you.

I have a very colorful login page (background picture).

Now This background picures is “blurred” behind the whole session (especially on the left side where you have files, or if in talk you see user-list, and you see the whole picture for a few miliseconds when you go from files to chat etc (“web page refresh”). This seriously interfeer with the whole user experience.

Only if i remove the whole login picture i can select “disable user theming” and have things as i want. But that means i can not have any login screen picture (and thats not a nice “option”).

I can not understand why login picure should have anything to do with a background picture. Really, please fix this :frowning:

As a workaround I removed the background image from all but the login page via css:

/* remove background-image from all pages, but login page */
body:not(#body-login) {
    background-image: none;

In my case I put it in the box that theming_customcss provides me under the Design submenu of preferences.