Why does MAIL app create a new draft every time i click NEW MESSAGE

I mean it’s cool but shouldn’t it delete it after I send it ?

anyways, my drafts folder is full and i sent like 5 mails. and you can’t even SELECT ALL and delete.

It’s very painful.

Any workarounds?

just some more information about your system would be nice and maybe even helpful… :wink:

Hello Jimmy, thank you and apologies.

I have

Not sure what else is relevant ?

we’ll see. So these infos do shed some light in the dark :wink:

Are you sure that it’s no problem of your mailserver?

i don’t see how would a mail server control creation and deletion of drafts, this is a client’s issue but i’m no expert, could be, it’s a new setup i’m using with my new domain. thank you for your time.

I think there is a wrong change detection. Like, immediately after the editor opens, the app thinks the user put in some data and that triggers a draft.

This is most likely a bug. Could you please report this at https://github.com/nextcloud/mail/issues/new?assignees=&labels=bug%2C0.+Needs+triage&template=bug_report_form.yml?


i don’t have a github thanks tho, i am sure you guys will find a way

If this were a fundamental problem, then others here in the forum would have already complained about this behavior, I think…