Why do my topics get no answer?

I’ve posted so many issues requesting some help and it really saddens me to see that there is no one in here that has even tried to help. I don’t know what to do with my installation as I already have a lot of users and all of them are suffering with the issues that version 13 brought: Can’t shared anything, it doesn’t work on mobile network, it won’t let users save their personal information details…

@Leonelli That is because you don’t fill the issue template with the information the community needs to help you. I couldn’t find your thread regarding the sharing issue here in the community. Is it possible you only posted it on github?
The community is active here in the forum actually.
Usually users ask here for help and if we can’t help or we come to the conclusion that the issue might be a bug (or a feature request), then we ask the requester to open a new topic on github.

Most times that is the best way to receive quick help. Devs don’t need to read everything here and issues reported on github will have a higher quality and don’t waste useful time of devs from which we all profit of course :slight_smile:


Hello Leonelli,
You are not alone in this case.
This is the same for me, 5 issues 1 response…

I just separated this a bit. Unfortunately, the forum is no official support, it’s done by the community which means people do this in their free time. In some cases, they are a bit allergic if people are too lazy to spend 2 minutes on a search engine which could solve their issue easily. Incomplete, non understandable, or too detailed (for very specific setups) questions have a hard time, moderators try to clear things up but their time is limited as well.

If you have some experience, you can help other users, so more experiences users have more time to help you. We try to identify bugs that they can be fixed, use the feedback here to improve documentation and user experience (you don’t need programming skills for that), so that Nextcloud is better to use for everybody.