Why do I have to have @Home folder?

Heading says it all.
After hours of trying to get Filerun/Nextcloud doing what I want it to do I find I’m stuck with an @Home folder. So I’ve had to move all the stuff from the folder I want to synchronise into the sub-folder @Home before anything works. Why?
I have folders on my PC (Windows 10) and I want to sync them to my cloud. I don’t want/need an extra folder. The data in the folders I want to sync is used by programs (do I have to start calling them “Apps”?) by various users over the 'net. This means that all users now have to move all the files into their own @Home folder. ownCloud does not have this issue - but it’s currently broken, thus the need to find something else.
Is there any way around this?

There is a bit of a “default” mode that you have a folder entirely synced with Nextlcoud. However, you can also add specific folders if you go to the settings of your account. I think there was a condition, when the add folder option didn’t show up but I don’t remember (either when you synced the root folder of your user or something like that). Perhaps you can try to remove the default sync point and then add specific folders. Please try first with a small empty or nearly empty user before doing stuff with several GB of data.

Thanks. I’ll play around with it some more.