Why Custom CSS APP affect only admin view and not users view? How can i fix it without modify manually the default CSS

Hi, i had installed the “Custom CSS APP” in my nextcloud but there is a problem.

While the CSS affect my admin view, still doesn’t affect user view that’s the main goal for the use of CSS in order to hide some features.

I have seen some discussion right here but no one helped my to figure it out what i really need.

I know that i can change the default CSS inside nextcloud folder but if i can, i prefer not.

Something odd there - it is working fine for me on four different sites.
What exactly are you trying to change? - you might need to use the !important attribute if it is something that is created on the fly, or you might need to be very careful about what selectors you are using - inspect the source carefully and see exactly what selector is being applied to the specific thing you are trying to change.

I’m just adding some css to hide some icon.

And yes, i’ve put the !important to my css but don’t work in the normal user view

The Selector are right because them work well in the admin view,
Any advice?

Sorry, that was my fault.

I’ve found the solution… The CSS custom app was set by default to only admin group.

I had change it from the app menu and now work perfectly.