Why ceph object storage quotas do not work

my ceph version 10.2.10 ,Nextcloud version  13.0.6。Nextcloud enable external storage support
Nextcloud through  AmazonS3 interface connection  Ceph  object storage.
Nextcloud Each user 10G quota,but Quotas do not start,Object storage directory can upload more than 10g files.

Does anyone know why?

So let’s see:

  1. Nextcloud is using Ceph as a storage back-end
  2. Nextcloud is configured so that no user can have more than 10GB of storage usage
  3. More than 10GB of usage is observed in Ceph per user, but Nextcloud may not agree

Is this correct?

If so, the simplest answer would be that Nextcloud is not very well aware of stuff like your Ceph block sizes - Nextcloud stores files that are smaller than your block size in a whole block, but only the size of the file (not the whole block) counts toward the user’s Nextcloud storage quota. That would account for any disagreements between Nextcloud and Ceph about how much space is actually being used. I don’t know how to go about testing to verify it, but that’s one common reason for apps using too much block storage.

What’s the way Nextcloud recognizes the capacity of the Ceph object store bucket and limits the space for uploading the Ceph object store