Why can't Nextcloud upload files with Chinese names?

Nextcloud can’t upload files with Chinese names?

Can’t create folder with Chinese name?

This should probably have been under support and not releases. But yes nextcloud should handle that. If it doesnt its probably some layer beneath that has a problem. Either filesystem or database.

Chinese character is well supported. 一點兒問題也沒有. 一d 問題都冇.

I keep the answer short to “respect” the question by intention.

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Nextcloud itself does not have any problems with Chinese characters, as you can see here on my Nextcloud 15 server:


You should check, if the server supports Chinese characters in the file system and that the database uses UTF8MB4 as charset and not just UTF8.


Works on my installation. If you have updated recently to 15.0.6, in settings -> overview you will see the error related to utf8 and link to solution. Follow the steps to fix your database and transfer it to utf8MB4 and it will work. >>Make sure that you have your db backed up<<
There: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/11/admin_manual/maintenance/mysql_4byte_support.html

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Check what else could it be. To me it happened that onr folder had a % sign. And tbat was acrewing up everything

I can do it. It might be not related to the Chinese words…

@bowei200888, why did you tag this “releases”?