Why can't nextcloud AIO docker use an RFC1918 address

I am trying to evaluate nextcloud for use in a private environment and want to test in a Verge IO tenant using an RFC1918 address space.

The limitation on intentionally excluding RFC1918 seems specious. How can I work around it?

Hi, what is an rfc1918 address space?

RFC1918 refers to IP addresses that are reserved for LAN networks (Class A/B/C)

The solution to your issue is to specify the following in your docker-compose.yml file

- SKIP_DOMAIN_VALIDATION=true # Bypasses 1918 IP block & disables automatic HTTP ACME

All right!

No, setting APACHE_PORT to something else than port 443 does disable the automatic HTTP ACME. But SKIP_DOMAIN_VALIDATION=true skips the domain validation like described in the readme.

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