Whole folder structure "offline aviable"

Is it possible, to select the whole folder structure for “offline aviable” in the android-App?

Hi @Schaden, at the moment this is not possible, but is worth discussing.

hi @Andy! Thanks for you reply! This function would greatly simplify the maintenance of the data. We have a deep folder structure with lots of data behind it and a lot of Users (most are not “power user” :wink:) …

Hi @Schaden just to make sure it got it right, what you are saying is that you want to have a folder sync for deep folder hierarchies for mobile devices, right? :slight_smile:

Hi @Andy, that’s right.
On my mobile device (Android): I want to mark the top-folder and all folders and documents behind will “sync” or are “offline available”. :+1:

Hi @Schaden, next follow up question now would be :wink: …

  • all files/documents behind it at the moment?
  • all files/documents behind it ever (as in adding a new file will automatically treat it as “keep me in sync”)?

Hi @Andy!
Sorry for my late response, we had yesterday Holiday.

  • all files/documents behint it ever… --> if the admin put new Folders and files under the Mainfolder, the user should sync these automatically and if the mainfolder is marked with “offline available”, then the files will be downloaded…

Hi @Schaden,

thanks for the details. So is this then basically a one-way sync as in everything the admin puts on the server should be synced to the client(s) and also by main folder do you mean the top folder of the user or a folder shared to the user by the admin.

cc @eppfel and @jan on how such a feature could be implemented since at the moment the UI only provides actions on folders and files within the top folder and below but there is no “sync the complete account” feature.

Hi @Andy,
we want to sync all admin-folders and files under the (main) folder. if a user want to sync his onw folders, should these also be possible…

@Andy I think your sync roadmap in https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/285 is enough to capture this. As I understand @Schaden, it is about pushing stuff from a “admin” account to all users’ Android phones, which is a very particular use-case.

With one-way sync, this could be achieved by having a “admin” folder shared with users and advices them to sync it, right?

The “sync everything” option is something else to discuss, but I don’t know, if it is vise to give an admin the power to activate/control sync on users’ Android devices.

Hope I got this right…

@eppfel @Schaden not so sure. The roadmap would (at a late stage) feature custom folders to be synced one/two way. So what could be achived then would be syncing defined/setup folders in the main directory, but not the main directory itself. This is imho fine, since the admin shouldn’t fiddle around the entry point of the user but rather a one or more folders on the top level and then everything within these folders would be synced. And yes, this is covered by the sync road map :slight_smile:

but I don’t know, if it is vise to give an admin the power to activate/control sync on users’ Android devices
–> if a user has the permission to Access to Folders from a admin, the admin should have the right, to do some things more than a read only user. We use the app to share Sales documents to our sales force (about 100 persons) all over Europe (these Persons are most “Brain dead User/DAU´s” and therefore, the sync-process have to be as easy as possible… :slight_smile: )

@Schaden Pushing content is not the issue and works already in Nextcloud. I just meant activating/deactivating sync on the Android device.

@ eppfel Thats true. The issue is to activate the sync/offline aviable on the Android device for all subfolders/items

To clarify on that, it is “just” about Syncing folder hierarchies but not about remotely activating/deactivating sync.