Who uses group folders

Hi all,

Just want to know from you all who uses group folders and why you use them

I use them but thinking of disabling it as when i make a folder “robert” and upload files folders to it i have noticed they dont get saved in the folder rather than they get saved in a group folder number folder ie-


Where as i want them saved to the actual folder i saved them to


Thats the reason thinking of disabling them


i have worked out about group folders

there so admins can create folders and then it can be shared to a bunch of different users and it auto creates the group folder, this sounds good as then any user has access to the same group folder so they can see the contents of it and share it to end users

but i still dont like the idea that when you ssh in on the nextcloud server it calls the group folder by a number instead of the name of the actual group folder

As far as I understand, group folders can be created by all users. One reason the name is not used directly is to avoid collisions, e.g. two users might want to create a group folder “robert”.

I’d actually prefer it names them. Not sure why you’d want a bunch of group folders with the same name anyway (nightmare to manage that). It should just name the folder what it’s called in the webui, and error if you try to create another folder with the same name… You know… like literally everything else.