WHM/cPanel Backups

Has anyone managed to get WHM Backup Configuration to connect to a Nextcloud WebDAV? I wish to store the files encrypted, hence using WebDAV.
Are they’re any tips/settings, as I can’t get it to work at all.

Error: Validation for transport “server.domain.com/nextcloud” failed: Could not open “https://server.domain.com:443/backups”: Server response: 405 Method Not Allowed

I explicitly selected SSL and port 443. Removing them still produces a 405 error.

So nobody else uses WHM/cPanel with Nextcloud?

has anyone else found a solution for this? I would like to look to use my own install instead of relying on Amazon s3

Holy post necro! Adds a comment two years later.
I got in touch with cPanel and resolved this years ago: Nextcloud implementation (of SabreDAV) is/was different to that of Owncloud, hence the problem.

I do not really understand the problem.

The WebDAV-URL is not


but uses the php-script remote.php:


Perhaps it helps you.


Can you post a link?

There is no problem - it works!
As stated, following a debug session with cPanel TWO YEARS AGO, we were able to establish the problem area and resolve. cPanel introduced an update, to cater specifically for Nextcloud.
Snippet from the conversations that I had with cPanel Support.

"Yes, NextCloud seems give different dav responses than OwnCloud does, and the underlying perl module that we use to connect to webdav servers (HTTP::DAV) doesn’t deal well with responses that NextCloud uses, because it considers any error response within a multiresponse to propfind to be an overall failure.

The case I mentioned earlier, CPANEL-23378, should address this, but I do not have a workaround for it or now, or an ETA on when a fix for this will be published. I should also note that it is possible it may be published in our changelogs under CPANEL-17033 as well."

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