Whitepage after backup


I successfully installed nextcloud 14 on a raspberrypi using nextcloudpi and everything was working great until I tried to create a backup with clonepi: https://github.com/SpoddyCoder/clonepi

Both the nextcloud DB and the data were stored on the Pi’s SD card and the idea was to create a complete image (system and data) on an attached USB drive. Here is where I f’ed up. I used the command “sudo clonepi /media/USBdrive/ncp-backups/my-pi.img” to create the image file but did not consider that the destination requires as much space as the source (the SD card has 128GB, the USB drive only 32).

Since the backup I only get a whitepage when I try to access my nextcloud account. I checked the SD card via Putty and all the files were still there but the DB and data directory where pointing to the USB drive so I tried to run nc-database and nc-datadir to reset to the default paths but I still get a whitepage.

Is there any chance to recreate the old setup? I do not have any backups other than the image which I’m sure won’t be usable. Thank you for your support.

Clonepi is not part of NCP, NextCloudPi has its own tools for backing up and restoring.
Maybe you could ask SpoddyCoder if it is possible and how to recover from that.
Looks like your mixing up things here…
Did you run nc-database and nc-datadir to move db and data to the USBdrive, anytime before running Clonepi?

I’d suggest you do a fresh install on a smaller (16Gb) sd-card. Then usb attach a larger external drive to which you can move database and datadirectory, then copy the files folders into that new data directory and use nc-scan or the occ command to scan the files.

That is, unless someone else comes up with a better solution :wink:

Edit: Note: Berryboot has nice build-in cloning of OS img. Otherwise on Linux dd is what I use for cloning, or creating image files, of entire sd-cards.

BTW via Putty have you run nc-info and ncp-report to view state of your install? If you can post output to pastebin or other similar and share link here, might be useful.