White Screen after Update from 24.0.8 to 25

My Nextcloud is on a webspace @ IONOS
Updated from 23 to 24 several times, corrected the errors so
24.0.8 was OK and running with no problems

Then I stated web updater again when I click finish maintenance mod and go on with update only a white screen is shown now!

When I call the cloud from another PC, same white screen

Pls help to solve this.
Many THX

PS: If you need more info, Pls. Let me know

Just like me.
I don’t know what to do ?

Ok Let’s hope for experts to help :expressionless:

I will not touch anything not to ruin more

BTW is your cloud also on IONOS webspace?

Yesterday i had the same problem on a SLES Linux Instanz.
Solution was to perform the update again using the OCC command commands.
After that, however, it shot up the graphics, which must be restored via design.

Many THX
Works also on IONOS webspace
Logos Background, Favicon, were gone at first look
BUT - working again

Many thanks also from my side.

you have to execute the command occ upgrade in your nextcloud folder on the server.
I also using a IONOS webspace and I had to execute the needed command as follow:

php8.0-cli occ upgrade

depending on your php version you have to adapt your version.

Hope it will help you.

Hello, Same problem here,
But I do not know, how to execute the comman in the IONOS webspace…
can somebody give more details here?
thanks a lot
… just did not knew that I have ssh account in my hosting package… i just tried and it worked!
Thansk a lot!!!
I have changed the theme to something reasonable, and not the only thing that seems missing are the icons in the menue…
any idea how to get these back ?


Just login with e.g. putty and execute the command.

Ok for you,?:wink: