Which Windows Server version is best for Next cloude?


I am new here and I would try to install my first Nextcloud on a VPS, which I at the moment have on Windows Server 2016,
Would that be fine, or should I rather upgrade to Windows Server 2022?
I see there is a very nice guide on how to install on a newer version of Windows, but not on 2016.

Which one do you think would be best and why?

Or should I try to set everything in a Linux environment? - In this case I would need to create a virtual machine with Linux on my VPS, that I have in Windows.

I would use Nextcloud for my personal storage, it is not a big deal, if it is less stable than Linux or if it restarts etc.

I appreciate your suggestions.

Hello @Tjasa_Kogovsek ,

welcome to the community of Nextcloud.

Windows is not supported as hosting platform. Please see


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Indeed Windows itself is not directly supported but what is supported is e.g. this: Your Guide to the Nextcloud All-in-One on Windows 10 & 11! - Nextcloud


Thank you!
But I need Windows Server 2022 then to work right?
I just tried this Your Guide to the Nextcloud All-in-One on Windows 10 & 11! - Nextcloud and I get an error with the docker installation: Docker Desktop requires Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise/Home (18363+).

Windows Server 2022 uses Windows 10 version 21H2 (Build 19044), so this should work, right?

I think Docker Desktop does not officially support Windows Server unfortunately.

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Ok, then is best I get a VPS with Linux?
Or maybe I could just do a virtual box with Linux on my existing VPS?

Yeah a VPS with Linux would probably be the best approach. I would recommend Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

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ok, but with a Virtual machine with Linux would also work right?
I would maybe first try like that, because I already have one WIndows VPS with enough storage for NextCloude

All right! You might try this one then: Index of /aio-vm. But it does not support running behind a reverse proxy!

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