Which webhost for Nextcloud

I was hoping to jump ship from Own to Nextcloud but my webhost (Namecheap) just informed me that file sharing is not allowed with the plan I’m on. They used to though - that’s how I got Owncloud going on.

I’m not very clued in, sorry so I’m hoping for some help. I need a webhost with whom I can have a domain for may email (want to keep my domain so I don’t have to change email address), & a bit of space for my Nextcloud installation. Not much traffic - standard mum&dad family type user who doesn’t want private stuff on Gdrive or Dropbox.

Namecheap (who have always been excellent with their support!) now want much more money from me on a monthly basis for me to set up Nextcloud using one of their VPS hosting packages - and that’s without CPanel or root access (as far as I can tell).

Can anyone suggest a host or other solution for me. It just all seems so expensive.

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I would really recommend you to use a hardware that you own to host Nextcloud.

here’s a simple and cheap setup for nextcloud

A raspberry pi with an external hard drive both are extremely cheap with no monthly payments except for electricity which could be compared to a lightbulb

have a look at https://ownyourbits.com/2017/02/13/nextcloud-ready-raspberry-pi-image/

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Indeed for family use, an SBC is enough to run Nextcloud on, but with usual dynamic IP at home, you can’t run an email server, nor can you provide your domain by yourself (dyndns providing). But possibly it is cheaper to just use external provider for email/domain+dyndns to your home Nextcloud server, than letting the Nextcloud instance hosted by provider as well. Privacy wise it is better anyway, presumed you have a secure web server setup or use some preconfigured solution like NextcloudPi.