Which SAML attributes does Nextcloud expect?

I’ve setup SimpleSAMLphp as a SSO identity provider for Nextcloud (stable) and Wordpress. It works like a charm once I got some issues solved.
I still have a few issues with Nextcloud, these being some user info don’t get populated.
e-mail and groups are the one I miss the most. But users fullname seems to become the same as UID and it would be nice the get that also from SAML,

So my question is; What attributes does Nextcloud expect from the SAML Service provider?

I can adapt the attributes from SimpleSAMLphp as needed, if needed.

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For some cache related sake i couldn’t see the mapping alternatives on the administration page for SSO & SAML-authenticating. I apologize for that.
But now when I see the setting only e-mail really works.

I would like to have at least groups working. Does anyone know how to?

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