Which repo should we use - NC or OC? For bugreports, PR's etc

I’ve installed NC, reported a couple of bugs and some things came up:

  • Bug closed, “Please submit this to the OC repo”
  • Check OC repo, and the bug is already reported there - but I just migrated to NC. Should we be reporting NC bugs to the OC repo?
  • People at OC bugreports asking us to test PR’s - does this mean I need to spin up another VM running dev version of OC?

It’s understandable that getting fixes done at OC first, then NC can pick them up as well… and cross-pollination is great! But is raises some further questions:

  • Are contributors to run two dev environments - both OC and NC?
  • When running NC, should we always check both repos first to see if already exists before filing a bugreport, and if found at OC, submit it there with no mention to the NC repo?
  • If submitting PR’s to the OC repository, does the CLA take effect?

Please don’t take the wrong way! Just trying to draw a clearer distinction as to how we should go about trying to report and fix bugs most efficiently.

If the repo or duplicate exists under the nextcloud org like Server, News and Gallery, file it there. If it only exists in under the ownCloud org like calendar and contacts file it there.

Do whatever the maintainer wants you to do :wink:

OK sounds good - thnx! :slight_smile: