Which php version?

I need to install Nextcloud on my KDE manjaro.
When installing Nextcloud which are in the official repositories of Manjaro, the first question I am asked is the choice of PHP.
This choice is this one: php-sqslite, php-pgsql, php-intl and php-apcu.
I have never used any of them. I know that php-sqlite is light, but I’ve got beyond Apache2 which runs with PHP 7.4.13.
I was thinking of using that one, but it’s not available to me. Or is it php-pgsql or php-intl?
I don’t know.
Thank you.

That sounds if you’re mixing up different things. PHP 7.4.13 is the general PHP version, but php-* are PHP modules which are required to provide specific functions, so there is only a limited or-option.

Depending on the database you want to use, you need to install php-sqlite (SQLite module), php-mysql (MySQL/MariaDB module) or php-pgsql (PostgreSQL module). I would recommend to use MariaDB as database.

php-intl, php-apcu and several other modules are also required to run Nextcloud. Please read the Adminstrator Guide for more detailed information:

php 7.4 is recomendet php 7.3 is still supported but will expiere soon.

Thank you very much booth of you.