Which OS for RockPro64

Hey guys, i have a RockPro64 and i want your guys opinion. Which OS should i use? I want to run only Nextcloud on it, nothing else.

Thanks in advance.

we do have a nextcloudpi-subforum here…

as far as i remember they advise the most recent official OS that’s provided via rockpro. and if you like you could try ncp with it, as well… though it’s not yet officially supported.

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Made good experience with Armbian, light, secure and works on other HW since 2 years 24/7 without troubles --> https://www.armbian.com/rockpro64/


or that one! (which should be the same as the one i was referring to)

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I’m running manjaro-arm on my Raspi3b+, nginx, MariaDB with files on ZFS raidz. Little slow, but nice.
I think that manjaro-arm is also available for the rock.