Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

I think it would be nice to generate HTML/DOCX/PDFs from markdown files in Nextcloud. If we can do video conversion, document conversion shouldn’t be too hard.

Also, there appears to already be a Pandoc PHP wrapper.

An easy option to unlock locked files or directories

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Preview generator app to be included automatically and not to be installed separated

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I would really love to see a OpenRosa / Open Data Kit compatible server backend to do mobile surveying. It’s a rich ecosystem of tools, but the server compnents are all difficult to setup and maintain. A simple base version that allows to to make forms with xlsx2forms via OnlyOffice and allow submitting data from the ODK app would be sufficient.
Here are some links:

Icing on the cake would be to have the Aggregate API to manage forms and submissions from QGIS:

Edit: there are some previous attempt to implement open Rosa in php:

  1. more granular notifications would be great. In Sharepoint (even early versions) Notifications could be set on a per folder / per file basis.
    I believe this is a big need for companies as of now there is only a “all-or-nothing” approach. We do have some folders where people do not want to get all the notifications or maybe only daily. But for others they want an immediate notification.

  2. easily changing the links that are included with the notification emails would also be great. For example it would be helpful if the notification could include the weblink but also a link with a hardcoded part likde “D:\Nextcloud\files” so users could actually directly open the local file from the notification email

  3. including a link for mobile in the notifications would be pretty awesome in addition e.g. a link like nc://files/… would open a file directly in the mobile app rather than trying to access the website through a mobile browser

  4. ability to disable the built in previews would be appreciated. If files are end-to-end encrypted, they can not be displayed in the browser anyway. The pdf-viewer for example only shows the file as broken. In some cases a download to the client would be better if triggered automatically.


I’d love to see a gantt project or at least Task app and Agenda app being related.


I would really like an improved version of the Notes app. I use it a lot but I wish I could use latex and the html tags supported by most markdown editors.

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I would really love to see some form of being able to keep tabs on external storage. At the moment we have a NAS for use in the office which people and applications connect to directly via SMB. Nextcloud then opens this up to the remote workers. The trouble is that if someone adds/deletes or modify a file directly then this isn’t easily seen for the NC users (short of creating a text file and waiting for the sync to be performed then deleting it again.

for me the only missing features are:
option for user to reveal password of his shared file or folder .
out of the box option to sync contacts and calendar from exchange server via owa or activesync

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Knowledge base app.

With customize able groups and stuff.
Articles, searchable index

Being able to restrict / allow apps to be used by groups or individual users.

For example, I have installed Carnet, but I don’t want all my users having access to it. I would like to hide this app from users of a particular group.

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You can already restrict the use of apps for specific group, on an app’s details in the app manager view.

This is only available for SOME apps. Carnet is an example where you cannot… I guess my ask is for this capability to be consistent for all apps.

The feature is disabled for apps which have the filesystem type (because you can’t do things like activate the encryption app only for some groups). Also apps with the filesystem type will be loaded on every WebDAV request.
It would be nice to report this to the apps themselves such as Carnet, so they have a look if they really need this in their appinfo.xml.

In the synchronization module, a very interesting feature would be to be able to add processing on files before importing or exporting files.
For example, on my PC, I have a directory with files in dokuwiki format and I want to synchronize them in Nextcloud but in markdown format.
If we had the possibility of defining for a given directory and a given MIME type external procedures to be launched before importing or exporting, this would be great.

The Flow mechanism combined with the external scripts app in Nextcloud 18 does all of that already.

Jitsi integration:

Generate a random room name on an individual predefined jitsi-server.


@devnull Already possible with the Jitsi call bot for Nextcloud Talk. Just install the bot, create a bot/user in Nextcloud, define the external Jitsi server and away you go. Jitsi offers random room creation based on the name you type.

Yes. But it is not so easy. Why not a nice nextcloud app?

Jitsi-Meeting is only a link
https:// server / room

I can use the app “Link Editor” and share the link (meeting.url) :wink:


Also i can post a Jitsi-Meeting-Link in the chat.

Federated share cacheing of on servers that recieve external shares. Option to toggle this on and off would be nice aswell.