Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

That could be doable utilizing (in some form) the backup codes when your account has 2FA enabled…
You send the link that is associated with one of the backup codes.
Since the codes can be used only once, the second attempt to connect (clicking) will fail…

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Something akin to Privnote would be cool.

I would really like to see Categories available in Nextcloud Calendar. I know this wish has been around for a long time but it would be a gamechanger here.
I have events that are personal to me, events that involve my family, events that are to do with different activities, such as sailing, beekeeping, walking. I would like to create a different category for each of these activities, with a different color associated with the category (not just the individual event). All in a single calendar.
The only way to achieve this at the moment is to create a new calendar for each activity. So, I have separate calendars for personal, family, sailing, beekeeping, walking. Soon I will have calendars for coding, astronomy, etc… Too cumbersome!


I’m missing badly some “normal” linux client. AppImage is security nightmare, because admin must give users right to run app from their home directory (thus loosing control over what app can be “installed”). Moreover, app in /home can be modified by malware even without root’s account.

I’m surprised nextcloud still can not deliver proper linux desktop app, packaged as rpm/deb/tgz (fyi owncloud can, a little embarrasing, isn’t it?).


Add the possibility to open documents in Word, Excel and such via ms-word:ofe|u| links

Opds feed. There was an app, but that is outdated and doesn’t work with newer NC versions.

Degoogle Youtube:

A way to sync my freetube https://freetubeapp.io/ settings (subscriptions) to my Nextcloud.

That way, I could have subscriptions/liked videos in youtube without google tracking me.

I’d like to have the possibility to tie a group folder to an external storage.
So that the External Storage is effectively the storage location for the Group Folder it is tied to.

We share files/folders with 3rd parties by making an external storage pointing to a directory on the (SMB) file server available to them. Having this configurable as a Group Folder via the Group Folders settings menu would be great.

I’d like to see improvements to the appstore.

On the server side


Resolve Conflicted Copies directly in the Desktop and Mobile apps on all platforms. Right now we only receive notifications of conflicted copies not being synced. It would benefit all users to resolve this from their client apps.


Better tagging. In bulk, after selecting a bunch of files. It would also be nice to have it on the main menu instead of having to go to the Details.


On mail, at the minimum, we should be able to have the formatting bar as in google (italic, bold, etc.). Action icons will be also nice.
In the current state, it’s really poor.

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You can submit a feature request for mail here. Please remember to submit feature requests if you can, or link ones already existing in your posts. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

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video streaming server to quickly host a Webcam-Stream (via Webinterface or as RTSP service).
Useful to cooperifly host live-events for hobbiests, watch your CCTV remote, share your outdoor webcam to the public.

I only see rather complex solutions which mostly require docker to get things working and usually involve a lot of steps. But maybe this can be done also via Nextcloud app?

Peertube is currently working on a federated and P2P approach to get even live streams working, maybe this is a good chance to hop in?

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In case of this not have been already said:

  • Jitsi integration or complete app in it
  • capabilities to replicate some folders or entire nextcloud data of a user to another nextcloud server
  • capabilities of saving the same files over multiple nextcloud server at the same time

Allow users to disable Dashboard and restore Files / AppOrder as their the primary view in nc20+.

This is currently only possible for admins through root access to the shell.

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Automate adding to a Project via Flow app

I’d love to see all of the client and browser applications for Nextcloud supporting LoginFlow. This greatly simplifies things by not needing to know webdav addresses or one-time passwords.

As it is almost that time of year again:

A secret santa generator

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An Admin application (GUI) that would easily allow you to change and/or add an additional storage directory. Separate from application installation/OS drive. Unless you initially install on a NAS, storage often becomes an issue sooner than expected, drives get old (eventually failing) requiring the admin to manually change the data destination, why not just make it a tool for the Admin. I’m sure this easier said than done as I’ve tried moving the data directory to another drive following step by step instructions,. I’m a novice with Linux but I think this feature would really enhance users inclination toward self storage.

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