Which is the configuration-script for Odroid

The installation guide for nextcloudpi tells me, that the configuration-script for the OS is named: raspi-config. Now what is the same on Odroid-installs? I searched in /sbin /usr/sbin /usr/local/sbin and with find everywhere for anything named “*config”. Found nothing relevant …


Dont know about Odroid but

The configuration scripts for OS Raspbian

The configuration scripts for NCP
ncp-config (formerly nextclouppi-config)

odroid based on armbian.

so try to use armbian-config


It’s very easy! All you have to know ist

can be called with several options where the most important are “keyboard-configuration” and “tzdata”. If you are living in a country where english-keyboard-layouts are used then you don’t know the trouble it causes, if you have to use a physical keyboard with your caps-layout and an english-software-layout.

So all that non-english-keyboard-users have to know ist: run
dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
and after that
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

It would be nice to see this simple information in the wiki “How to setup a nextcloud-pi” for Odroid-users.

Please feel free to improve the NCP wiki.

All information currently there has been progressively improved by users and it’s open for everyone to edit :wink: