Which file system for data harddisk

Today I have Installed Ubuntu as system for our cloud.

Now I ask me, which file system (btrfs, ext4,…)for the data harddisk are the best.

Could you tell me please that?

Thank you in advanced!

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Somewhat down to user preference, but EXT4 is tried & tested and is usually the go-to format on any Ubuntu system.

I started to work a bit with btrfs, it has really some nice features. This report is already two years old, so some details may have changed:

If you only fancy the snapshot function, you can also have a look at LVM.

thanks for information.

if i am true understand is btrfs the better system format.

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Btrfs has some features that ext4 does not provide but it is less mature (less tested).

Thank you for your Help!

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