Which external calendar do you use?

Hi everybody!
Which external calendars do you use within your nextcloud calendar?
I recently searched a lot but did not really find what I am searching for.
I need all public holidays for my region (Germany) and some additional non holiday dates (e.g. mothers day, fathers day, clock changes).
I want an external calendar which i can subscribe to (not an ical which i download and import to nextcloud). I hope that, this way somebody else manages the calendar. By downloading and importing an ics-file most certainly the calendar will not be maintenance-free to me.
I wonder if there is some kind of platform, where i can just choose some dates that i want to be included and can get that calendar as a subscription.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Have a look at these few examples of public repositories of iCal holiday calendars available for subscription: Thunderbird, iCalShare, CalendarLabs, etc. There are others out there as well.


I use some calendars from http://www.webcal.fi