Which cloud service should i choose?

Hi Nextcloud community,

i am currently running a Ubuntu server (RaspberryPi 4) and want to install a cloud on it to share files between my 3 devices. As the RaspberryPi isn’t the most powerful server out there and i just want to share files with myself, i am not sure if Nextcloud is the right service for my aplication. What is your opininon and what service could you recommend me?

Greetings Lars

Perhaps you can first check a “Managed Nextcloud” in the internet.
You can test nextcloud without install anything.
You can upload non-confidential data.
I think “Managed Nextcloud” and internet is not slower than Pi4 and LAN :wink:

You can use an 60 minutes account.

You get an user name e.g. “XficAHBZrXmyF6mb”
The password is: demo

You get the server https://demo1.nextcloud.com or https://demo2.nextcloud.com

Because of a certificate error create an account at https://demo2.nextcloud.com and not at https://demo2.nextcloud.com . If you get “demo1” repeat creating test account.

Now you can install e.g. nextcloud clients and use the data:

username: XficAHBZrXmyF6mb
servername: https://demo2.nextcloud.com
password: demo
WebDAV: https://demo2.nextcloud.com/remote.php/dav/files/XficAHBZrXmyF6mb/

After 60 minutes you must create a new user.

You also can get an free account:

Thanks for the tip. I will try that.