Where to view total free space available Ubuntu 18 / Nextcloud 13

I found an old thread mentioning that a “serverinfo” app as of v10 should have the ability to display the available remaining free space, but I can’t find anything that mentions this.

Is there a way to lookup the remaining free space available for Nextcloud to store files at?

The desktop sync client does it, as well as the web UI.

It only shows used space, not remaining free space. Please let me know if I am looking in the wrong location.

In my case both are showing XX GB of YYY GB used.

I think this is your quota, and not the capacity of the NAS. I’ll have to check both of these locations again when I can sign in later today.


df -h

on the NAS or check the web UI of it.

I am able to see the disk space of the mount using df -h , but I was hoping Nextcloud had a feature that made it aware of the available space it an allocate file storage to.

Is there monitoring I can setup within Nextcloud to warm me when it is running low on space to allocate to, or do I have to do this at the OS level, outside of Nextcloud?

Thanks Sanook