Where to translate 2 strings, i cant find them

Hello, my name is Patrik. I am tring to translate 2 strings. If i clickon the mouse on a file or folder the right-click menu appears. At the top there are 2 strings “Share file” and “Share folder”. Where i can find this strings to translate them manually? I cant find them in “apps–>files” and also not in the “apps–>right-click” and also not in the apps folder in the share folders. Where are those 2 strings? I am using next cloud for the office and in the slovenian language. I translated and reedited some strings by myself but i cant find this 2 strings. Hope someone can help me to detect them or where i can add them manually to the language files.
P.S.: in the attachments are some screenshots.



Hello @pa3krub ,

please tell us the NC version you are using.

All translation take place at Transifex.

The two strings you mentioned have been translated a month ago and should be included in the next server releases.