Where to store nextcloud logs and from where these log files are coming from (integrity test fail)?


I always have the issue when checking or upgrading nextcloud to have a defect on the nextcloud log file.
I am currently running nextcloud 22.2.6, as a docker image, and the nextcloud.log are quite important as they are used by my fail2ban integration.
So I would like to keep these logs, but to have them in the right place.
I know how to change the configuration, but I don’t understand why I get these files, and why nextcloud complains, as I am not sure I am responsible in the creation of these entries:

- core
		- core/ajax/nextcloud.log
		- ocs/nextcloud.log

The log file I am responsible for is the one www/nextcloud/nextcloud.log

What would be your advice here ?

ask the docker creator.

I am not an expert in nextcloud but log management from nextcloud has nothing to do with the fact it has been integrated as a docker image.
Log management is activated through the configuration file and is not enabled by default.

I am trying to get advice on how to properly activate logs for nextcloud and where to safely store them. There is a good documentation entry that explains log configuration, but not how to manage your log files.