Where to find the server configuration and settings

I feel a bit silly asking this question, as it should be easy. I tried for an hour and cannot find how to reach the server settings.
This is what I did:

  1. Installed NextCloudPi on old Raspberry pi 2B. This works great (little slow WebUI). Decided that I want to bring NextCloud into my life after seeing the options.
  2. I was able to access the NextCloudPi Panel myipadress:4443 to setup DuckDNS and other features.
  3. On Oricle VM Virtualbox I succesfully imported and installed the VM image from nextcloud.com. I can access my NextCloud and start using it.
  4. I now want to add my DuckDNS link and access other options like the NextCloudPi Panel.

How can I access those server settings etc?