Where to find nextcloud.cfg file when running the service in docker

I cannot seem to find the nextcloud.cfg file. I’m running nextcloud in a docker environment. I tried searching for that file (via ssh into the docker container), but I still couldn’t find the location

More context: I’m tring to fix this issue: https://github.com/nextcloud/desktop/issues/4278


nextcloud.cfg is a client-side config file this has nothing to do with docker (application). you will find it on your client…

As your referenced GH thread is long I didn’t spend much time following and understanding it - important PHP options could be configured via docker variables as well

from: GitHub - nextcloud/docker: ⛴ Docker image of Nextcloud

To customize other PHP limits you can simply change the following variables:

  • PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT (default 512M) This sets the maximum amount of memory in bytes that a script is allowed to allocate. This is meant to help prevent poorly written scripts from eating up all available memory but it can prevent normal operation if set too tight.
  • PHP_UPLOAD_LIMIT (default 512M) This sets the upload limit (post_max_size and upload_max_filesize) for big files. Note that you may have to change other limits depending on your client, webserver or operating system. Check the Nextcloud documentation for more information.

The gist of the GH thread basically is - when you try to download a large file (in my case 3GB) from the server to android or desktop client, it downloads around 40% of the file and it fails the download. So in the GH tread, they say that you need to change these settings in the general section:


I tried your PHP env vars, but that doesn’t help.
So my question now is where can I put the nextcloud.cfg in my android phone?


no idea if and where nextcloud.cfg exists for mobile. For desktop client you will find it according to this article:


hmm, if there is no way to download larger files on my phone, then nextcloud kinda loses it’s primary function. Maybe you have some other recommendation?

the whole GH issue is about upload files to the server, there is no word about downloading to the phone (which may or may not be affected by this issue). Nevertheless, there is very useful link showing how to adjust chuck_size server-side, maybe this helps you (default seems to be 10M which should be good almost everywhere but definitely worth testing)