Where to find nemo-nextcloud for v3+ client, linux

I’m moving beyond the 2 version of nextcloud

My issue is I can’t find a github repo (or a binary anywhere) for nemo-nextcloud extension to match. The 2.6 version is in focal universe but it won’t match the 3.3.3 version I have installed. Someone has built it for fedora but I see nothing for debian/ubuntu.

i’m on ubuntu focal 20.04 desktop.

Anyone know where to find this package (nemo-nextcloud) in it’s current stable form 3+ to match the desktop client or the repo from which it is built?

btw I don’tt use snapd so that is not an alternative install method for me.

Hi @dkebler

You could try the official PPA…


it now seems that ppa has 3.3.3 as of 9/3 so when I last looked there was only 2.
So yes this ppa solves the problem as it includes the nemo-nextcloud package. thx.

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