Where to define values for placeholder in NextCloud Office

Hi there everybody,

I just installed NextCloud via NextCloud AIO and so far everything runs smooth (except the 15 MiB that are loaded at the first request). I like to add some template files for all users and I like to add some values like their e-mail address, phone number, first and last name from their NextCloud profile. Actually, I don’t care if the values come from their profile, I only want to know where I can define these values so that they appear inside a document instead of their placeholder.

So far I only got the username and the current date running. Everything else stays empty.

Has anybody an idea where I can define the values?

Thanks a lot!

hello @MeiKatz welcome back in the forum :handshake:

I think the question is more related to the Office product used to “consume” your templates. I’m not aware CODE (or OnlyOffice) can use Nextcloud attributes to fill template placeholders. Maybe a question in their forum is more suitable. Latest at the point when user created a document from the template on his local device there is no/little integration and hard time to get NC profile data into the document.

Not sure if this will help. There is a lot of documentation for Collabora Online, but the menus that are described there don’t show up in the NextCloud version. Therefore NextCloud must modify Collabora in some way.

Also there is an integration between NC and Collabora because I can enter the display name of a user as a placeholder. But that is all.

you provide zero technical information about your system and now you complain about the answer?!

I don’t complain about your answer. Actually I am very thankful for it. I only added some more information. Otherwise: I said I am using Collabora Office on a NextCloud AIO instance. I don’t think that I have to add system details when we are talking about the software design of Collabora and NC. Just saying.

That should be possible by navigating to https://your-nc-domain.com/settings/admin/richdocuments#richdocuments-templates and adding some templates, iirc.

I am not sure if I understand this request correctly but I don’t think you can do that, so this would be a feature request or you might use the impersonate app to add the information to each user after it got created.

I think you cannot do that - if I understand your request correctly - so it would be a feature request as well.

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Yes, I already know this and use this feature. This is the reason why I detected what placeholders works – and which not.

Okay, so I guess you’re right. My problem is that I don’t know where to start. The point is, I can use the placeholder for the display name in a document template. Therefore there must be some kind of bridge already but only for a few values. If you could point my to where I can search for this bridge (yes, GitHub, I know. but in why repository? I tried to find my way via the translation files but could not find any match) then I would try to add a pull request by myself.

Okay. NextCloud took some great steps in the last few years. Would be lame if there wasn’t anything developers could add or improve :smiley:

The Nextcloud-Collabora connector app is here: GitHub - nextcloud/richdocuments: 📑 Collabora Online for Nextcloud

The Collabora software itself is here: GitHub - CollaboraOnline/online: Collabora Online is a collaborative online office suite based on LibreOffice technology. This is also the source for the Collabora Office apps for iOS and Android.

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Okay, the Collabora repository has a translation key Fiel~d for the feature. I will take a closer look tomorrow. Thanks so far!