Where the server save the uploading file infomation

today , i find the app auto sync doesn’t work。
After some ill-fitting attempts I deleted all folder under uploads folder。Of course it still bad。
I reinstall my android app,login,but the app cant list the files in my server。
After awhile,the app can list my files and can uplod new file,but some old file cant upload。
use tcpdump ,i find the difference。
the file can upload :HEAD file → PUT file-> PROPFIND file
the file cant upload: HEAD file → MKCOL 66c8a9993a1212de702a77c9039e3bb8(hash value) → PUT file to folder username/uploads/66c8a9993a1212de702a77c9039e3bb8
beacause I deleted all folder under uploads folder so it cant work,throw Sabre\DAV\Exception\Forbidden 。then I creat the folder it works。
I have 60+ files need to upload, I cant tcpdump → creat folder again and again.
I guess it save some uploading file info,cause the difference。
how can i make it back to work?