Where the heck is the docker deamon.json file?

I’m trying to setup a Docker local install and the docs say to edit the deamon.json file - but I have no idea where it is and it’s not in the docs for local installs. <pulls hair out!>

I’ll fill in a little detail, perhaps it will point us in the right direction.

  1. I’m don’t intend to use a reverse proxy - since this appears to simply be to allow the NC server to handle it’s own certificate signing. (If I’m wrong about this, please let me know.) I have a server that handles Acme DNS challenges for multiple internal systems/hosts, so I intend to have it go get the certificates for the Nextcloud server.

  2. I have my own internal DNS server [BIND], and will handle creating the proper forwards for my-nc-docker-server.my-domain.com to the RFC1918 IP address. (i.e. Something like

  3. So, I’ll need to know where to place the certificates I get for the Docker install.

  4. I assume I’ll still need to edit the daemon.json file - which I can’t find. (Either the, what I believe to be typo’d documentation, deamon.json or daemon.json.)

  5. Are there other steps I need to take?

Hi, are you talking about Nextcloud AIO?

{Though this is somewhat a mute issue - as I’ve gone with a snap install. Might be good to document for others who are interested.)