Where post questions on hardware products?

I have a hard time identifying the right forum category for hardware products (devices), such as the Nextcloud box. Some people post in “Support”, some in “Support > appliances”.

Also, the devices promotion page, as well as specifically the page about the Nextcloud box, doesn’t seem to be accessible from anywhere on the website. Can you add a menu or menu item for that in the Nextcloud.com website navigation?

There is no hardware forum yet. Only a forum for the Nextcloud box and the associated snappy image (but it’s more related to the snappy-specifics rather than the hardware itself).

Hardware-related questions are then just asked in the general support forum.

@jospoortvliet for the homepage.

Yeah, I thought about a menu item but couldn’t figure out where to put it. I don’t want to turn the download link in a menu because that should be direct, I think. It IS on the download page (right to the download button - devices).

But I agree it would be nice to make it more visible. Maybe we could make a section on the front page or something… There is probably more hardware coming :wink: and it’d be nice to promote that. Maybe a carousel, I know @jan hates it but as one of the sections showing off hardware it might get his approval :smiley:

Oough, wow! It’s available via Download! I would have never imagined to find it there. Didn’t even think about taking a look at that page.

The website is definitely focused on the software solution Nextcloud (my personal impression). Hence “Download”, “Features” and “Enterprise”. A “Products” or “Solutions” page is definitely missing, which could list half of the content of the “Download” page, including the “Demo” offering itself. The other half (i.e. content related to documentation and support channels) is already included or may be integrated into the “Support” menu.

In other words, the “Demo” and “Downloads” items should really be removed and integrated into the menus to make the information architecture more obvious. It’s a usability issue. (Don’t take it personally! It’s tough to hear feedback like that, but it’s meant with good intentions; I’m sure the two items were a good idea one day in the past, but they’ve developed into an issue now and that should really be addressed.)

I don’t know about @jan, but I guess I would second his opinion. Only if some content is easily found anyway (via a working navigation) it can be promoted by a flashy carousel or a section below the fold in addition.

No problem with getting usability tips! Building a good, logical menu is a pita so I certainly don’t mind input.

The reason Demo and Download are separate is because they are the main things people are usually looking for - burying them in the menu seemed a bad idea to us. This is also why I don’t really want to make either of those in menu items - it adds a click to the most executed actions on our front page.

It might make sense to rename ‘Download’ to “Get it”, “Get started” or such, making it generic enough that the Providers and Devices options make more sense on that page.

I just visited the website and saw that the Nexcloud Box is still not easy to find. The status is unchanged since this Spring.

Any plans to do some usability testing and navigation overhaul?

Sadly, no, because the Nextcloud Box project is no longer alive - see https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-box-updates-raspberry-pi-3-nextcloud-12-and-looking-for-a-new-provider/

That Farnell option looks intriguing. Any interest there or not really?

For a new generation, we need to solve the upload limit of 2 GB on 32-bit systems or manage to install a 64 bit system. Another nice feature would be a display directly at the device (like: https://www.pi-supply.com/product/papirus-epaper-eink-screen-hat-for-raspberry-pi/) so that you can show the ip address on the device, and/or use buttons to reset the root password.

Absolutely; NCBox felt like a bit of a PoC and I assume the guys have taken a lot on board from the experiences of users and devs… with that topic on the best SBC to run NC on and adoption of 3D printing we could have something custom-suited to NC without too much fuss.