Where is Traffic and Audit log?

Hi, where can I find the download or upload history of a user account on the website?
I have enabled the Audit Log feature in the Linux backend.
I tried clicking “Traffic and Audit” in the left panel of the admin panel, but I still couldn’t find it.

Running Nextcloud

audit log is not exposed through the web interface. it’s “just another” log file. by default in the same directory as nextcloud.log (../files/audit.log)…

Yes, I found audit.log, but how should I format it?
Otherwise viewing from Linux is very confusing.
In addition, the LOG here will not be recorded if I log in and download it myself? Is there a way to record it?

the log is in json format (if you are not aware use jq).
accessing the log happens through the base system - no way Nextcloud application can detect and log such access.