Where is the source code of nextant app?

Not in Nextcloud project at GitHub.
Not at GitHub.

Does anybody know the location?

Need to fix some l10n issue.

@rakekniven it is now called fullnextsearch xD --> https://github.com/daita/fullnextsearch

Found that repo this afternoon, but not the source code line which is an issue at Transifex.
See https://www.transifex.com/nextcloud/nextcloud/translate/#de_DE/nextant/102256265?issue=yes

Nextant 1.0.8:

Hello @Cult Should I make my simple changed on given branch and provide PR?

Yes, you can do that

Normally I do my changes like this on master. On master I cannot find source line (https://github.com/nextcloud/fulltextsearch/blob/97aef0f9aea9b8e0feba3a3368732f4ed0155373/templates/settings.admin.php#L398).

Is my work obselete on next release?