Where is the order nextcloud.enable-https self-signed to secure nextcloud local server?

From this tutorial and also found in nextcloud docs i found:

That if i want to secure a local installation wiht selfsigned certificate i must run:

sudo nextcloud.enable-https self-signed

But i cant run because im not able to find nextcloud.enable-https path to execute it…

So is something im missing ? where is this executable ?


Ubuntu 18.04
Nextcloud 16.0.6 and then updated to 17.0.1

Are you using Nextcloud Snap, because the command seems to be part of it:

No i have installed from scratch in ubuntu server, i havent seen where it says that this order belongs to snap…:flushed:

Check-out the list of available cli commands of Nextcloud Snap:

Very often similar requests have already been addressed in the past, therefore you should use the search function of the forum first to find an answer:


BTW, if you plan to access your server over the internet, I would recommend to install a free Let’s Encrypt certificate instead of a self-signed one :wink:

Sorry thanks for your help… by the way are you nextcloud dev ??

No, I’m sorry