Where is the NC16 Oauth2 plugin?

I’m trying to locate the Oauth2 plugin so I can follow these instructions but I can’t seem to locate the plugin itself. Can anyone tell me where or how to find it please (maybe it’s called something else now)?


this is build in functionality, no need for a plugin.

@Krischan thanks, when I reloaded the Settings -> Security page it is indeed there. However the linked oauth2 doc page is not very helpful to someone who has never used Oauth-anything before. For testing I am using the WHMCS OpenID Connect provider and trying to allow a user logging into Nextcloud to authenticate as a user already registered with WHMCS. Have I perhaps got this back to front in the the Nextcloud “OAuth 2.0 clients” facility is to allow logins to 3rd party apps using the user details already within Nextcloud (as in Nextcloud is the OP (Oauth Provider))?

If the later is the case then what options might be available for someone to login to Nextcloud using an external oauth2 provider?

Yes, this is for app specific passwords or OIDC provider functionality.

Look for the Nextcloud “Social Login” app to add external OAuth providers like Google or Github. It also allows custom OIDC/OAuth2 providers.