Where is the "intelligent switching"?

On my system (Talk 11.0.0-alpha.3 on NC 21.0.0 beta6) the intelligent switching does not work.
According to the description on spreed.eu, the focus on the display should always switch to the active speaker should (see Features — Spreed User Manual documentation). My system consistently shows the same participant in the big picture, no matter which of the participants is speaking. The button to activate the intelligent switching is also missing.

Is this feature not supported by the app of Nextcloud or is something wrong on my system?


Do you know what alpha/beta designation of software packages means?

@anon71540698, yes - I know what that means.

For a software product of this size, I assume that some of the numerous features are being working on - but hopefully not on all at the same time.
If you know that the current alpha state has something to do with the mentioned feature - good for you. Then it would be nice if you would write a short note, e.g. “we are working on”. Otherwise, your comment is meaningless and superfluous.

Sorry, I’m not a developer…

We just happen to have different definition of “meaningless”…
In my books complaining about a missing feature (in alpha-level software!) that is mentioned somewhere about a package that has arms-long relationship with Nextcloud is textbook “meaningless”, to put it charitably…

Which browser are you using? Edge by chance? Not all browser support this feature: GitHub - nextcloud/spreed: 📞😀 Nextcloud Talk – chat, video & audio calls for Nextcloud

Thank you, yes that is the solution.
Although I thought I didn’t use Edge during my tests but a combination of Vivaldi@Win10, Chrome@Win10 and NextcloudTalk@Android.