Where is the file /tmp

Hi !

I did as in configuration doc (Configuration) but i have a little fail ^^’

I have this error :

So i ask where point the file /tmp ?

I have try /usr/local/www/nextcloud but nothing

Thanks in advance =)

This is an absolute path, tmp should be a directory, check if you can see it’s content:

ls -lisa /tmp

Then you should no if the folder is not present or if there is a problem with permissions.

Hi !

Hmm i have again error but

And i’m in this file : image

Ok, that’s quite obvious. The nextcloudtemp-directory has the the owner root. Your process runs as www, and only root has the permission to write in this folder. So make www the owner of the folder:

chown www nextcloudtemp

Ok thx, i undersand ^^